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All You Should Know Best Makeup Brushes for Cheap!

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Well, a makeup kit without makeup brushes is useless. How would you do your makeup without a brush? You simply cannot! So as to achieve that desired look from the comfort of your house, you need to buy these lifesavers. 

Given that doing makeup is also an art, you have to use the best tools for best results. However, that does not mean you blow all your savings on makeup brushes. While buying makeup brushes, you should ensure that they are professional-worthy and affordable. This means that you should avoid buying overpriced makeup brushes as they do not differ a lot from their counterparts.

Professional makeup artists have strongly advised people to avoid buying expensive makeup brushes. This is because they don’t provide a better experience compared to less expensive brushes. You can actually find the best makeup brushes at cheap prices. With some knowledge of makeup appliance and a good makeup brush, your ordinary look will be out of the ordinary. This being because your makeup is done to perfection thus leaving your friends envious of you.

However, a factor that is quite disturbing is knowing what to check for with a makeup brush. This helps you choose makeup brushes that will last for quite some time and also last for long. After reading this article, however, you will know what to check for in a brush thus ensuring you get the best. Also, you will learn how to maintain your brushes so that they can serve you for even a longer duration of time. First, you should consider the following factors before getting a makeup brush.

All You Should Know Best Makeup Brushes for Cheap

Factors to consider while buying makeup brushes

Given the variety of makeup brushes available in the market, it is up to you to choose the ones that suit you best. To ensure that you get this done, you should check the following;


While buying any essentials, quality is not a factor you can down look. The right quality of brushes ensures that you get the desired look without much fuss. However, quality does not mean going for the most expensive brush but the most functional brush. Also, do not buy cheap, low-quality brushes as they may cause harm to your body.

Quality makeup brushes have soft bristles thus offer comfort while doing your makeup. Also, they have durable handles that are comfortable to hold hence a comfortable session. To ensure that you are using the best makeup brush, ensure that bristles do not wobble. This will ensure that they don’t fall off thus enjoying a longer service.


You do not wish to acquire a makeup brush that will cause harm to your body. Some makeup brush bristles are made from materials that cause allergies. This makes a user feel itchy thus a disturbing period after the use of the makeup. To ensure that you face no harm from your makeup brushes get cruelty-free brushes. This will prevent any allergic reactions that may arise from the use of makeup brushes.

A good material of makeup brushes ensures that you get to use it for longer and with ease. Also, the best quality of makeup brushes uses less makeup thus using your makeup for longer. The material of the handle should be comfortable thus an easy time doing your makeup.


‘expensive brushes are not the best!’ a factor that many people tend to get wrong. Just because a makeup brush is overpriced, it does not mean it is up to the task. It can be funny that there are some of the best makeup brushes for cheap prices. This is because some makeup brushes are sold at an expensive price since they are from a renowned company.

Brushes from known companies are stylish and have a great appearance. However, some of this brushes are poor at their functioning thus poor makeup appliance. If you look for a good brush, ensure that it is within your budget. On the other hand, if you feel that you need a brush from a known company, you can buy it as long as it doesn’t destroy your budget.


You can’t use an eyeliner to conceal spots! You will need a different brush for that purpose. When buying a makeup brush, you should ensure that it fully suits your needs thus you don’t struggle to do makeup on other parts. Even better, you should get brushes that can cover all needs. This will ensure that you get a brush for each and every need thus no struggle.


A factor you have to put into consideration while buying makeup brushes is size. Too big makeup brushes will make portability quite hard and also distract while doing makeup. Too small brushes, on the other hand, can prove to be quite irritating especially when you are doing powder. To avoid getting yourself in either situation, you should have a variety of brushes to fit every size.

Getting a set of best makeup brushes for cheap prices has you covered. This is because it contains different sizes of brushes thus you are covered for every need.

The Best Cheap Makeup Brushes

How to maintain makeup brushes

Having known the factors that you should put into consideration while buying makeup brushes, it is wise to know how to maintain your brush. This so as to ensure you don’t have to get one every few weeks. Although some people may tell you that makeup brushes when cleaned, it is a lie. What causes makeup brushes to spoil after cleaning is doing it poorly. In this section, you will find detailed information on how to clean makeup brushes thus a clean brush.

How to clean makeup brushes

After every use, you have to clean your brush. This is so as to ensure that no traces of powder are left on the brush. This will assure you perfection when you do your makeup as no remnants of other makeups will be found on your brushes. However, knowing the way to clean your makeup brushes can be quite hard.

So as to clean your makeup brushes with ease and leave them perfectly smooth, the procedure below will be of great help. First, confirm you have the following;

  • Warm water (not hot water. This because hot water may destroy the bristles.
  • Conditioner
  • A container
  • A brush cleaner
  • A rack


Pour warm water into a container. Feel the temperature of your water with your hand to ensure it's not hot. This is because hot water spoils the bristles thus a shorter time of service by your brushes.

  • Add some conditioner to your water so as to ensure your bristles are soft after washing. This will ensure that no matter how long you use your makeup brush; you will not hurt your skin. Conditioners will also give your brushes a scent thus they smell great all the time.
  • Dip your brushes into the water ensuring that the handle doesn’t get wet.
  • Gently massage your bristles to ensure that you clean any remnants of makeup.
  • Rinse your makeup brush with clean water to rid it of any sticky stains.
  • Gently dry your makeup brush with a clean towel and dry.
  • Place your brushes on a rack with bristles facing upwards thus drying them well. This will ensure that your bristles are not dumped thus they don’t spoil.

Having done this, your brushes will be clean when you need them and always in good shape. If you are wondering how frequently you should do this, once per week is good. Doing it on a daily basis may destroy your brushes. If you don’t have a rack, you can get a brush tree thus giving a professional touch to your brushes.

How to buy the best makeup brushes for cheap prices(tips)

Well, some people may think that buying a makeup brush is as easy as walking into the store and picking a brush. Well, it can be! But what you buy may come to be of no help or even of low quality. To avoid this, it is wise to know what you want before entering the store. This will ensure that you get a brush that fully covers your needs and also lasts longer.

First, you should do enough research to know which brush is the best in the market. This will ensure you know what you need thus no fear of settling for a lemon. Before you do this, you should consider the reason you need the brush thus you know which one you need. You don’t intend to buy a blush brush while what you need is a foundation brush. It will be quite useless.

The following will help you when buying each type of brushes.

Blush brush

If you can afford a quality blush brush, then good for you. while at it, choose the blush brush made of materials that do not cause allergic reactions on your skin. This might spoil your face instead of making it more appealing. You don’t want persistent pimples on your face. Also, ensure that your bristles do not absorb much makeup thus leaving your face with too much makeup.

Foundation brush

If you intend to get a foundation brush, ensure it is fluffy enough and has an organic finish. Getting one with natural hairs is an added advantage. This is because the natural hairs lift and sweep the makeup pigment equally to all your skin. The synthetic fibers ensure that don’t soak too much makeup foundation thus a neat look. Get a makeup brush with a flat tip as it will allow you to mix your makeups as you wish.

Concealer brush

To ensure you get the best concealer brush, choose the one which is small in size and stiff. This will allow you to do your makeup like a pro as you will easily reach the intended parts. Getting a brush made of synthetic fiber will ensure that no makeup remains on your brush after use. Ensure you were this more frequently as it can be hard to use if any stains stick on its tip.

Shadow brush

Well, this is a major component in every brush set. A good shadow brush should consist of densely packed bristles. This will enable you to do your shadow well without much struggle. Also, ensure that the bristles are soft and smooth. Bristly tips may lead to injury of your eyelids or even cause you to poorly do your makeup. This will make you become a laughing stock among your friends instead of becoming an admiration. You should clean this brushes frequently thus ensuring perfection with every stroke.

Brow brush

To ensure that your face looks perfect, your brows are a feature you cannot leave out. However, getting the wrong brush may lead to your eyebrows looking funny thus spoiling your look. Getting a brow brush with a brush on one end and bristles on the other is a major plus. This is because you will be able to straighten your eyebrows as you do makeup on them. The brush also helps in removing excess makeup on your eyebrows.

Lip brush

Many of the times, you might overdo your lipstick thus looking quite odd. However, you don’t have to wipe off all your lipstick and start from scratch, you can use a lip brush. By adding edges to your lips, you can define your lips thus an even better look from your lipstick. While at it, ensure you use a lip brush with a thin end thus you don’t spoil your lipstick.

Eyeliner brush

You should ensure that your eyeliner brush is chiseled thus making it easy for you to do your eyes. Also, ensure that its tips are soft thus you don’t bruise your eyes in the name of beauty. Since this brush is used on the eye, you should clean it daily to avoid any bacteria.


After following the above guides, you are sure to get the best makeup brush. This without blowing loads of money. Why struggle with a brush that doesn’t fit your needs? Get yourself the best makeup brush for a cheap price now.


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Full frame cameras are the way to go if you wish to capture moments breathtakingly. What is so great about them? Let’s start with the fact that they come with reliable, impressive sensors which enable them to take photos of fast-moving objects. What’s more? They have many megapixels and high-quality lenses. Indeed, these cameras are not comparable to those of other calibers.

You may think that their large size would make them unpopular, but this is not the case. Professional photographers across the globe are rushing to get a full frame camera to make it big in photography.

For professional photographers who are looking to take high-quality pictures and videos, this is the camera for you. This camera, equipped with fantastic technology, will enable you to get amazing photos and videos of all kinds of objects. Feast your eyes on its amazing capabilities!


    It comes with a full image sensor

    No optical low pass filter

    45.7 megapixels

    Great dynamic range

    No chance of moiré

    Amazing resolution

    Continuous shooting of up to 9 fps 1

    8K2 and 4K time-lapse movies

    Amazing details and clear images

    Tilting touch-screen

    Long-lasting battery

    A weight of thirty-two point three ounces

What’s hot about this full frame camera?

You get to have the entire package in a full frame camera.


The Nikon D850 FX-format Digital SLR Camera Body

For a very long time, there was a tag of war between Nikon and Canon cameras, and for most of that time, Canons won. Canon often came up with new models that were very innovative, thus taking the lead, while Nikon lagged behind in this sector.

With all that considered, Nikon finally emerged the winner in coming up with the best full frame camera. When compared to other cameras in its caliber, the D850 beats them in all aspects. To start with it has forty-five point seven megapixels. That kind of power is impressive, especially given that the cameras following it in the hierarchy have an average of thirty megapixels.

It also beats other cameras thanks to its features such as fantastic auto-focus abilities, fast capture speeds, an LCD screen with very high resolution and a battery that lasts long. The battery part especially excites me. There is nothing as terrible as having to put off taking pictures so that you can save on battery life. You end up getting few photographs and feeling disappointed in the end.

If you are starting off in photography, this is a great way to start as you probably own no lenses yet. You will soon get the hang of it.

What is in store for you?

Extreme resolution

Where does terrific speed meet fantastic clarity? In the D850!

Nikon first set standards in DSLR image quality when they came up with the D800 and the D800E. The quality of the images produced was so high that photographers all over the world embraced the cameras in no time. The resolution was very close to medium format, and it incredible.

Five years after that achievement, Nikon did not hold back in coming up with the D850. Who does not want a camera with up to 45.7 megapixels? With this camera, you can successfully capture fleeting moments, and it’s an excellent addition for people on safaris.

Not only does the D850 come with fantastic resolution but it also comes bearing a hoard of other features. These include large sensors, an auto-focus function, dynamic range, very high sensitivity and speed-light control. Also in store is a long battery life, silent photography mechanisms, and shutter capabilities. With all these features in tow, it is no wonder that the D850 is the best full frame camera in town.

Full-frame sensor

For the first time, Nikon has produced a camera which comes with a BSI FX-format sensor. How awesome is that? This sensor can take 45.7-megapixel pictures, and it does not have an optical low pass filter. As such, you can look forward to capturing videos and images of very high quality. The sensor allows you to gather adequate light to make the photos clear, you can view pictures as soon as you take them and the images have a color quite similar to the captured objects. As such, you get to have pictures that look real.

The good thing is that with so many pixels at your disposal, you can finally say goodbye to moiré.

Speedy processing

Tired of waiting to see what you captured? Well, the D850 has such expeditious handling that you get to have a glimpse of the photos seconds after they get taken. If you thought that the EXPEED 4 was fast, wait till you set your eyes upon the EXPEED 5.

Get to experience minimal noise, a wide dynamic range and a range of textures and tones. You can take lots of pictures at once thanks to the 9fps 1 continuous shooting option. On top of this, you can record movies of high-quality thanks to the 4K UHD feature. Get precious pictures and videos in a matter of seconds.

High sensitivity

Any photographers worth their salt will tell you that the dynamic range gets affected by the ISO. The higher the ISO, the lower the dynamic range you get. If you had the chance to use the D810, you are aware that it had a small ISO and as such, the sensors were terrific. Nikon has gone a step further in the D850 with an ISO of 64 which can get expanded to 32. This range is by far the lowest that you will come across in any full frame camera in the market.

You can capture as many details as you want, thanks to this feature.

No disturbance

There are situations where silence is paramount such as in weddings and meetings. In such instances, you can use the silent photography option where you can take pictures and videos without emitting any noises. There are various modes you can use for this feature.

The first mode allows you to shoot as many as 6fps in a continuous manner at forty-five point seven megapixels. The second option allows you to take as many as 30fps in three seconds. The downside to the latter option is that you get eight-point six-megapixel photos.

Tilting touch-screen

The D850 comes with an LCD screen that allows you to use the camera as though it were a smartphone. As such, you can tilt the screen to take photos at angles that were cumbersome in the past. If you wish to zoom in, you can do so using your fingers.

The touch ability of the screen enables you to navigate several options and playback the recorded media as though it was a smartphone. To get the camera to focus on a given object, use the Pinpoint AF and continue with your shooting. Truly a convenient feature!


There is no need to dilly dally as you try and get the camera to focus on a given object. With the D850, you get an auto-focus feature with the ability to keep up with fast-changing environments. This feature comes with up to one hundred and fifty-three focus points, ninety-nine sensors and an AF processor. With these abilities in place, you can take 45.7 MP pictures with ease.

If you are shooting in dimly lit environments, worry not. This camera can take photos in low light of -4EV. If you’ve been having issues capturing fast-moving objects, the D850 will take care of that problem for you.

Near darkness focus

There is nothing as difficult as trying to take photos in dark environments when using a low-quality camera. You end up taking pictures of blurred objects whose nature you cannot prove. With this camera, you can use the auto-focus feature which goes all the way down to -4EV to capture images in low light.

As such, if you had lenses which could not handle poorly lit environments, you now have a solution to the setback.

Subject tracking

Let your camera do the locating for you. There are situations where objects are in constant movement such as during fights, and many cameras are unable to follow the changes. The D850 can easily track the subjects and take not of their actions without fail.

This feature is possible thanks to its parallel processing ability. It also comes with a sequence control mechanism which enables it to process movements at very high speeds, allowing it to keep up with rapid actions. Take it with you as you embark on capturing events such as safari rallies where every second will count.

Action tracking

There are situations which must get captured at high speeds if they are to get seen at all; such as poses in modeling. Get to be the person who took the incredible picture of the day by making use of the 7fps at 45.7 MP.

If you want to get the best shot possible, you can make use of the MB-D18 battery pack as well as the full resolution shots of up to 9fps. With these in hand, there is no way you get to miss taking high-quality photos.


If you love creating multimedia content, it is the time for you to rejoice. Can you imagine being in a position where you get to record 16:9 Ultra HD in full frame? I am talking about 3840*2160 recordings created using the camera’s BSI sensory capabilities.

This feature enables you to shoot without having to crop out any images or videos so that you end up with very clean output on which people will be dying to get their hands. You can shoot using any full frame Nikon lenses, including the ultra-wide ones.

Confirmation of focus

There are times where auto-focus is not the ideal option, and you want to be in control of the center. Some time ago, manual focusing meant that you had to dedicate a considerable amount of time to find the right accuracy. However, this kind of control does not have to get impeded by slow processes. With Focus Peaking, you can quickly confirm where you wish the focus to be and get on with the shooting.

You have a wide selection of highlights from which you can choose including white, blue, red and yellow. For sensitivity, you can select high, medium or low. To get this feature, you can either use compatible manual lenses or use the manual mode with AF.


You can get up to 5000 speed-lights from your D850 if you choose to combine it with the WR-A10 transceiver. This feature allows you to get light from the outdoors, other rooms as well as around corners. It is also possible for you to get adequate light using the WR-R10 transceiver.

4K time lapse

You can create 4K lapse sequences in the camera, a feature which is exclusive to Nikon DSLRs. On top of this, you can also do away with the shutter cycles in the camera, allowing you to save on battery life when using the Silent, live view mode. It also allows you to do away with the mirror movement.

8K time lapses

With the interval timer, it is possible for you to create 8K time lapses in the camera. Thanks to this, you can create more than 8K detailed images. Without shutter vibration, you can look forward to the production of sharp images.


Once you take your images, you can transfer them to your devices using the snap bridge app by Nikon. The app allows you to send media through Bluetooth. You can also conduct remote shooting via the app.


Technical information

The camera comes with a tilting display that measures three point two inches. It measures 4.9*3.1*5.8 in inches and weighs two pounds. Its lithium battery energy content is a one-watt hour, and it has a 4K video capture resolution.

You can get this camera at $3296.95 which is quite affordable, given that it is the best full frame camera on which you can lay your hands. Enjoy continuous shooting like never before as you get to take photos and videos in all kinds of lighting. It is definitely worth the bucks!